Lenten Reflections

On this page I’m gathering together my writings over the period of Lent, so that they are easier for you to find and read.  Praying that you find hope and love as you journey towards the risen Jesus.

Let love find you: or a Plan for Lent ‘So there you have it,  my plan for the journey towards the cross and the empty tomb over these next few weeks. It doesn’t feel like a cumbersome burden or a to do list. It feels like a chance to go deeper and to let love find me in new ways. A sort of pilgrimage. A quiet walk. Let me know if you’ll be walking the path too’ …

#1 Ash Wednesday:  ‘I’m excited to see how God takes these two desires of my heart, to give up unforgiveness and to take on generosity, and uses them for love.  I might give up sugar too, but I don’t want to get carried away ;)’  

#2 To be a pilgrim: ‘I’m in a season of mothers and pilgrimage. The circumstances are imperfect and the timing is inconvenient….’

#3 Emptying out the bag: ‘On this pilgrimage towards Easter Jesus is lightening my load. ‘His yoke is easy and His burden is light’. I say Yes to that. ‘

#4 God in the Mess: ‘So today I will not leave my clothes on the floor.And I think that’s because yesterday I got to know God a little bit more.’

#5 Coming Clean 

#6 Guilt Free Living