About me

Welcome . I am so glad you are here.

I wonder why you’ve come?  I wonder who you are?

Can I ask you a few questions – do you feel like you’re on the edges ? Do you wonder how you are supposed to fit with all the people whose life seems to be going perfectly?  Is church a difficult place, or even idea for you? Does your faith need to stand against the very hardest things in life ? If ‘yes’, is your answer to any of those questions, you may just find that this is a space that gives you the opportunity to say and feel all of those things, and to find that you are not alone.

I’m here because the past few years have been incredibly difficult. As a family we’ve experienced serious illness, not yet resolved. I’ve been unfaithful in my marriage. We’ve rebuilt our marriage from the rubble that was left behind. I’ve been bruised by what happened to me within the church. It’s no surprise that periods of depression and deep darkness have been my experience too.

But I have faith in the God of the bible, I am always aware of hope, and in this space I  write about the reality of my life; the dark and hidden parts as well as the beautiful light and everything in between. This is more a journal and a placing of markers than carefully edited writing – I write to process and to understand.

I lived for years believing in some kind of we all have to have it together christianity, but now I know that that is a lie. We are flawed and broken and beautiful and full of infinite potential, and that is the encouragement that I want to share with you.

I pray that you will know that nothing can separate you from the love of Christ.

You’ll get to know me better as I write and you read and we talk about what’s going on. I have a husband, 3 children, a job, and a home, and a dog, and ageing parents and in-laws and friends and a church community.  I’m not good at routine or patterns, but I will be here and I will be working through the reality of life.

One of the things I am sharing in this space is a series I wrote a few years ago ‘31 Days of Hope for a Messed up Marriage‘. I’m also embarking on a journey of forgiveness and I’ve explained what that is about here. The most recent posts will be found on the home page.

Thank you for joining me here.

Let’s go deeper and richer and truer.

And remember that you are Beloved.



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