Nearly half way

I aimed to write here every day for the last 50 days of the year. Today is Day 23, and it is five days since I last posted. Maybe a weekly post would be more realistic!

I haven’t written but I have been taking hold.

It’s been interesting – as I’ve spent the past three weeks with a more intentional approach to ‘taking hold’ of the life that is truly life, I have found myself happier and more contented. My work has been progressing better than it has done for a long time; family life feels more relaxed; there has been space for spontaneity and community; and I’ve probably opened my bible on more mornings than not.

What God promises is true. He is the giver of Life.

I am journeying to the end of 2016 hoping that by the time I reach the end I will have let go of the things which steal my joy and limit my life. I want to drop them by the side of the road and not run back to pick them up.

I want empty hands.

I want hands that are free to collect flowers and hold the hands of others. I want to be able to pick up the tired children and carry things for the people I’m walking with. I want to use my hands to love and serve, to comfort and to care, to nurture and to cherish, to give, but also to  receive and hold on to the good things which are given to me.





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