Taking hold of God’s word: Days 16 and 17

On Sunday at church somebody said this,

‘You can’t expect God to give you new revelation if nothing changed when He last told you something.’.

Yes. That.

The story in the bible we were learning from was when Samuel, the little boy at the temple, heard a voice calling him in the middle of the night. Twice he got up thinking it was Eli the priest. Eli sent him back to bed, but realised it was God trying to talk to Samuel. So on the next occasion Samuel said ‘go on God. I’m listening.’ And God gave him some information and instructions which Samuel passed on and I’m guessing the rest of his life was never quite the same after the encounter.

So I keep looking for things to change in my life, by the might of God, and yet I know that I’ve had some pretty clear instructions which actually I’ve not carried out. Why not ? They were too difficult. Or at least they seemed too difficult.

But I think that until I get working on those ‘too difficult’ things not much is going to change.



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