Taking hold of my time: Day 6

I hit a really big, important, milestone / deadline with my work today.  10 months ago when I heard news of a colleague reaching a similar place I sobbed. I was really delighted for her progress, but I could not see myself ever getting to that place. I felt frustrated and hopeless. All I could see were obstacles in my way.

Today I did it.

It’s such a good feeling, partly because I’ve hit a target I was aiming for, but also because of the satisfaction that comes from knowing that I have invested time wisely. In order to do the work I had to really cut out distractions and stop wasting my time. I spend so much time engaged in things that are meaningless, and not only meaningless but energy sapping rather than energy giving.

Life is short. I am grateful each day for the hours I’m given and I want to keep taking hold of them, and using them well, whether for work, rest or play.

I think that time well spent is worship. It’s thankfulness and commitment, passion and purpose. I choose more of that.

(If you are reading this, thank you! I am writing for myself really – a daily check in with my #oneword for the year, which was two – ‘take hold’ . I want to spend the last 50 days of this year living my words. Do join me, and if you’ve had a word for this year, why don’t you share how you’re doing with it.) 


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