day 6 : addendum

It was as if time was re-ordered. As if the days that I thought were the significant days were no longer. Those days I’d once thought had such meaning, have faded and their colours have changed.

At first they were wild, strong, the brightest tones.

Next a film of tears covered them, muting the colours and over time the definition faded.

And now?

They’ve deepened. The colours are richer, smoother, so much more beautiful.

They don’t hurt my eyes. Neither from their brightness nor their blurred shapes.

They won’t fade in the light, or dull on the dark days. They have colour underneath the colour. They have colour so strong I can feel it, and smell it and touch it and taste it.

They are my colours now. the colours of my soul. I don’t need to hide them away.

And so time begins again.

and always it can be

the beginning.



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