50 days of taking hold

I haven’t blogged for a while. The busy-ness of life and work etc etc, but I’m coming back. Today I realised that there are 50 days left in 2016.

And I don’t want to get to 1st January 2017 and realise that the last month and a half of this year disappeared in a rush of work and Christmas activities.

Two years ago I spent the last 50 days of the year reflecting on my ‘one word’ for 2014 which was Hope. I found it really helpful to actively check in with my word each day. This year my word(s) are ‘Take Hold’. It comes from the bible, from Paul’s letter to the younger man Timothy when he says ‘take hold of the life that is truly life.’

At the end of 2015 I felt that there was a lot of good life within my grasp but I wasn’t taking hold of it. I was holding on to other things and not making space in my hands for the good stuff; I didn’t believe it was mine for the taking. So this year I’ve been trying to live in the fullness of the life God has given me.

I guess I would say that overall I’ve lived more of the life ‘that is truly life’ this year, but I know there’s more to be had. I’m conscious that in the past few weeks my hands have tightened around things I really want to let go of, so these next fifty days I want to consciously and deliberately live my words for this year. I want, each day, to take hold of the life that is truly life. I want to find the freedom that Jesus gives. I want to live with my eyes fixed on Jesus and nowhere else.

So I’ll be here every day – at least that’s the plan. Mostly for myself, but you are really welcome to join me.  Did you have a word for this year ? How will you live for these last 50 days of 2016?




4 thoughts on “50 days of taking hold

    1. I got your package in the post today ! That’s a bit of light peeping in at the end of your year. I’ve seen light from you, even in the hard times. I wanted to keep my mind fixed on the things that really matter in these last busy, tiring weeks of 2016. So far I’m finding it a really helpful discipline to just come back to my words each day. Thanks for being here.

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