Write 31 Days

In 2014 I joined in with the Write 31 days blog challenge and I wrote each day in October the story of my marriage restoration up to that point in time. It’s here, if you want to re-read it.

I’ve just realised that it’s October in 3 days time, and there is a little part of me that would love the opportunity to blog more frequently again. But I’m not sure.

I’ve thought about writing another marriage restoration series – less narrative, more ‘things I’ve learned about walking in muck, because I’ve spent a lot of time walking in muck although right now I’m on the path .’  I seem to talk to a lot of women these days who are in difficult marriages and want to know how to keep going and / or how to make it a whole lot better than it is. I could put some of those answers into blog posts.

Or maybe, a little like my ’50 days of hope to end the year’ series in 2014 I should take a bible verse each day for our mutual encouragement?

Or I could write a bit more about my life and journey as it unfolds each day.

What do you think ?



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