All you need is grace, Part 2


Yesterday I found myself, having written a hundreds of times viewed post on getting back on the fast that I’d stopped, lasting only one day before I broke it again. Ironic hey? 

And as I was metaphorically beating myself up for my lack of will power and discipline (the leftover birthday cake in the box needed to be eaten. I hate food waste), I heard a whisper,

My grace is sufficient for you

So then I had another thing to be frustrated with myself about. Not just a lack of discipline and willpower, but the fact that my failing demonstrated that I had turned my back on the grace that was offered to me to overcome.  How stupid I am. How hopeless. I’m never going to be able to do this. I’m such a failure. What a mess.

And then I heard the whisper again

My grace is sufficient for you NOW

Now? Now when I’ve messed up and broken the fast again? Don’t you mean tomorrow morning when I decide to restart again ?

Now. Right now. My grace is sufficient for you in this moment, when you don’t seem to have any grace or kindness to extend to yourself. My grace is all that you need now. It will wrap you up like a cosy blanket,  it will protect you and make you feel loved. It will allow you to look back at your day and see not only those few things you’ve done which you feel let you down, but all the good things that have been in today too. My grace will allow you to rename this day as a good day not a bad day. My grace is sufficient when you have none. My grace opens your eyes and your ears and your heart enough so that you can hear me calling your name and saying ‘I love you. You are enough. You are beloved. You are mine.’

His grace is sufficient in the overcoming and in the times when you don’t.







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