To my husband on Valentine’s Day


I didn’t give my husband a card today. We kind of don’t do that, but if I did this is what it would say …..

We’ve been on quite a journey since the Valentine’s card that said, ‘There’s no one I’d rather be in marriage counselling with’  – but we are still all about keeping it real.

Love isn’t hearts and flowers. It’s love in the everyday . Projected on the gritty pavements and the daily grind.

It is saying ‘we’ not ‘me’ and looking out for ‘us’ not ‘I’.

It is the hardest and the best.

It is making me more who I should be.

It is an everyday commitment and it is every day a great gift.

I am grateful to have someone I can wrestle life with, even if you still laugh at all the unfunny things… xxx


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