Let love find you : or a plan for Lent


Today I realised that we are only days away from the beginning of Lent. It’s one of my favourite times of the year – I love the intentionality of deeper seasons of soul work. I look forward to Lent because I  long for Easter, and living with that longing for a 40 day period (Lent is 40 days right ?!) intensifies the delight and relief I experience when I reach Easter Sunday once again.  I think I’ve come to love it more in the past few years because I have been so much more aware of how utterly lost I would be without Jesus, without the salvation his death on the cross achieved.

Usually in Lent I like to read or take part in some sort of devotional series or course. I’ve participated in Lent groups online and in a home bible study setting. I started to worry this morning that I’d not sorted out anything yet, and I began to panic at the thought of not being ready for Lent; not knowing what to do. I messaged a friend to ask if she had any suggestions for Lent reading, and in reply she said that she is going to read a couple of books. God on Mute, by Pete Grieg, and the Book of Forgiving which I had recommended to her.

Her response made me realise that I don’t need a course or other people to join with through Lent. I have all the resources I need.

Most importantly, I think God has been softening my heart and whispering to me that it’s time we worked on forgiveness and moving on. I think He’s been showing me that the more that I understand God’s love for me, the more I will be able to forgive others.  

So this is my Lent plan.

I’m going to keep going with the Book of Forgiving and my journey to forgiveness, and I will write about it on this blog to keep me from quietly giving up. I would also like to read ‘Surprised by Hope’ by Rev Tom Wright. Those who have read that book tell me it is transformative and I’m ready for some of that.

I also intend to be almost ritualistic (for want of a better word) about my daily reading of the bible. I read Lisha Epperson’s piece about having a desk space and the rituals she is creating around that space, and I know that I want to create that sort of physical, temporal space for myself and the time each day I set aside to really let God be with me without distraction. 

So there you have it,  my plan for the journey towards the cross and the empty tomb over these next few weeks. It doesn’t feel like a cumbersome burden or a to do list. It feels like a chance to go deeper and to let love find me in new ways. A sort of pilgrimage. A quiet walk. Let me know if you’ll be walking the path too.


Today I am linking with Lisha Epperson and the Give me Grace community . Do pop over and read their wonderfully encouraging words. Soul food. 



3 thoughts on “Let love find you : or a plan for Lent

  1. This is such an encouraging post. Thank you for mentioning the God on Mute book, as I’ve found it very enlightening. I think your approach is just right for you, working on the forgiveness journey that God is guiding you on. Sometimes we need groups and structured study, other times we need to simply follow where we sense God wants us to focus. I will have a look for Surprised by Hope as that sounds right up my street! As for devotion this is so important. I am doing the Bible in a year app by alpha and I’m a little behind so need to devote time to catching up! Sending you love during this period x


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