Day 8: Beginnings and endings and keeping going

I began my former blog  on the 16th January 2014. That was the day that I committed to the word ‘Hope’ as my word for the year.  I titled the first post ‘ beginnings and endings and keeping going’.  It allowed for the possibility of a new relationship beginning, a marriage ending and me keeping going, or alternatively a new beginning for a marriage, an ending of the other relationship and still hopefully me keeping going. I didn’t know what choices anyone else was going to make, but I hadn’t closed down any possibilities.

Today I am going to simply refer you back to that post. It follows chronologically from what I wrote here yesterday. And being absolutely honest with you, writing this story is hard, painful exhausting work, and so today I am taking a pause. You can keep going with the story here. I will write again tomorrow…..



7 thoughts on “Day 8: Beginnings and endings and keeping going

  1. I just read from the beginning. You are brave and courageous to share your story but I am confident that it is going to minister to someone, even it it is only one. It has already ministered to me. Bless you today as you rest and gather your emotions and hold on to Hope.


    1. thank you so much. That was my prayer – just one person knowing it wasn’t all hopeless. God is so much bigger than our difficult circumstances and rather than lift us out of them he enters into them with us. So amazing.


  2. I’m glad you took a moment to pause. I’m writing about the hard parts of our marriage as well and it has Beene tally & emotionally exhausting. I look forward to reading more about your family.


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